Monday, March 4, 2013

Were you to ask me.

A year ago people were in a buzz about the of Pasadena Unified School District members being elected by sub-district.  Being on the committee I had a chance to hear from many in the community who took the time to come to the meetings or took the time to write and share their ideas. 

As a group the committee worked from 2010 census data to get the best idea possible of who is living where in the communities of Altadena, Pasadena and Sierra Madre.  

A final map was presented to the school board and eventually to the voters.  As might be expected some folks were happy with the changes - others weren't.  It's like that in a democracy.  As often happens many of the folks that are complaining the loudest are those that didn't go to the 30 or so meetings that took place.

Tomorrow many folks have a first chance to elect someone to represent their area and their concerns/interests.  

Are all the candidates ideal?  Well, no.  Do I have preferences?  Yes.  Are they who you might think I'd prefer?  Perhaps.

If you met me in the street and asked me about different candidates, I'd tell you.  But here we are in cyberspace.  So, here's my response.

I want to elect someone who has an opinion about things, but is not an ideologue. Someone who has had an ongoing interest in the school district or councilmatic district that goes beyond what might serve them in position or pocket.  It would be great to have someone whose own experience reflects their constituents experiences or who has an interest in learning more about the needs of those they'll be serving.

At our house we're pretty big on de sangre o de corzaon.  Someone who connects "through blood or through the heart".  If you're a guy and you only lists guys as your sounding board, or supporters, I've likely moved on.  You're only interested in folks from your own affinity group - ciao.

Mariza about to vote for the first time.

Ultimately it's about the person who I feel can best live up to the sense and sentiment I feel every time I see this picture of my friend who was about to vote for the first time.  She knew her vote was precious and that made her feel honored and proud.  Our elected needs to remember this and all of us who can vote need to remember this, too.

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