Thursday, March 7, 2013


I'm a bit of political wonk.  I don't like games with strategy as a core component, but the interaction between folks as they make decisions is fascinating to me.

Last night I learned some statistics about our local elections.  Most surprising to me is the way absentee voting is increasing.  The stats that were shared were the following:
Per cent absentee balloting
2007: 47%
2009: 66%
2011: 60%
2013: 76% (estimated)

I don't fall into this category because I like going to the polling place and I tend to lose the paperwork beforehand when I've thought I might use this manner of voting.

There are approximately 500 absentee ballots and approximately 300 provisional ballots to be counted for Pasadena City Council and PUSD races.

I know.  That surprised me, too.  There is a final formal tally that is to be presented on Monday at 2 p.m.

For the PUSD school race final turn out was:
District 1: 9%
District 3: 11%
District 5: 12.5%
District 7: 16.5%

Which really brings me to the point that has been rolling around in my wonky mind.  For those of my generation...remember the really old looking movie you saw that talked about how your vote really does count?  Well, on a local level this could not be more true.

In the race for District 3, the turn out was about 1,000.  The lead in that race, Ruben Hueso, and the person in second place, Tyron Hampton, have a four vote difference between an out and out win or a runoff election in April.  You better believe every vote counts in that race.

Pánfilo, is always a good audience for my wonky data dumps.


  1. Looking forward to voting in the runoff.

  2. It turns out the Pasadena Sun presented info in a slightly different manner. I like what they've done. Perhaps you will, too.,0,2554523.story