Saturday, April 13, 2013

Do Not Be Distracted

I'm not a fan of figs.  I'm married to man who is and I love him nonetheless.  

I love fig trees and fig leaves for their form.  Truth is I love the wonderfully complex geography of the fruit.  How can so much be going on in something that is eaten and grows on a tree?

What I really was trying to share in this image is the red ball which has sunflower seeds in it.  

Can't you imagine a bird sitting on the rim, balancing and rebalancing, focused on dipping its beak into the open center, as it picked out its nibble.  Swaying a bit, to and fro, before it flies off to the next nibble.


  1. Pretty bird-feeder, and looks squirrel-proof. I'm with you, figs are beautiful trees but what's up with that fruit?

  2. It's a little known fact that Newton was actually hit on the head by a Fig, thus ...

    Oh never mind.