Friday, April 26, 2013


I have no pretensions about my posts.  Something catches my eye, a picture is taken, then words are written.  

I try my best, but sometime the images are a bit fuzzy.  

Same goes for my text.  I mean well, but have been known to fall prey to the colon, semi-colon, and typo hazards that are inherent in quick writing.  The quick writing being the result of a busy life.

Sometimes in looking at a picture that might be used, I try to measure the degree of fuzziness.   Too fuzzy to be recognizable?  Too fuzzy to carry meaning to anyone who wasn't directly involved?  Too fuzzy, but gives a sense of the experience?  Will the viewer need to go all squint-eyed or quit reading being it's one fuzzy image too many?

I was reviewing this image; deciding if the blurry overexposed image was usable.

I was trying to focus on the critters on James' lap and wondering what I might share that would special about THAT moment.  They do get along famously, you know.  We think that's pretty noteworthy.

Then my focus shifted away from the critters; above, and to the left were multiple images of my honey.  I saw our our first "formal" photo taken in Pasadena about 30 years ago, a posed photo at el Museo Nacional de Antroplogía in Mexico City taken 20 years ago, and then there was Mr. Grimes, in real time, in our living room.

I looked at each and saw a bit of our shared life and love.  Of our choice to be together, to remain us, always and forever.  

That part of the picture is always in focus.

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