Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where are you going?

Yesterday was spent working on the yard.  James spent time replacing the inner tube on his cart thanks to a quick stop at Steve's in Altadena.
Then Fuji apple tree planted, mulch delivered and spread, walkway refined.  Dirty, grundgy, muscle using work.
 The  10th Annual Native Plant Garden Tour takes place today and tomorrow.  James and I are going to take a couple of the self-guided tours.  

We'll be shopping for ideas great

and small.

 The tour cost is $10 for members and $15 for non-members.  Over 40 gardens from which to choose and all sorts of ideas.

Native plants make sense - they tend to be water wise, need very little care, and they are beautiful.


  1. Oh, Roberta, I went all drought-tolerant years ago in my front yard. The grass wasn't doing well, and I thought it would be wonderful to have lots of California shrubs. Unfortunately, many of the shrubs died and the grass is now growing so fast and tall, I can't keep up with it. Dios mio!

  2. I love that tour! It's one of my favorites.

  3. Karen K says your garden is beautiful and ever so tour-worthy.

  4. Laura, One of the things I kept seeing on the tour yesterday was one of the true gold's in the garden - mulch. If you put a good deal down, after you get rid of most of the grass, it will help keep down the weeds. Even when they pop their ugly heads up, they are much, much easier to do in. Lots of cities have programs for free mulch.

    Petrea, We ended up spending almost all day on the tour. Towards the end I was getting to be like Betty White in the Snickers' commercial. I'm glad I continued to take pictures for ideas.

    Karin, Karen is kind. I love our garden but it is drop-by and have coffee-ready, but a good swim away from tour-worthy. To tell the truth, the tours helped invigorate James and me. Tomorrow we're checking into the cost of gravel for some of our walkways.