Friday, May 10, 2013

Feliz Día de la Madres

Not long before our daughter Kate got married, I learned about El Día de Las Madres.  Having grown up with more U.S. than Mexicano customs this holiday was new to me.  I embrace it because, well, why not find another day to celebrate a good thing?

I've not looked into the origins or the reasons for its always taking place on May 10th.  I guess that will be another thing to explore some other year.  Or maybe somebody knows the answer and can share.

In any case I wanted to share good wishes with you and with those who had a loving person who gave you love and helped you when times were rough.

Case in point.  A couple of years ago I was in Portland for Halloween and accompanied Kate and girls to Lili's class.  Being the Nana I get to be the fly on the wall.  I can watch and, mostly, not say anything.  

Kate had worked hard on the costumes - Lili was a Dragon and Cheli a horse.  And then it happened.

You know that moment when a young child has something "take place" that has a magical quality about it.  Cheli can be about experimenting and measuring outcomes.  Who knew that could extend to suckers and hair?  Who would try that?

Yet another opportunity for Kate to earn her nurturer stripes.  To love, to talk, to guide.  Feliz día, m'ija, your kiddoes are lucky to have you for their mom.


  1. Lovely photos, and lovely tale.

    The cynic in me says Hallmark invented this holiday, and the Pollyanna says I'm glad they did.

    Did I catch a glimpse of you shooting photos today at the park with your iPad? You were so concentrated, and I didn't want to wave my arms and distract the speakers.

  2. It was fun to watch Cheli put the sucker to her hair and know I wouldn't have to do anything about it.

    I recall something about Mom's and the Civil war, but I'm likely as wrong as right. The word co-opted comes to mind.

    I was there and I guess concentrating too hard. Didn't see you, but saw Boz Books.