Saturday, May 18, 2013

Starting Monday

It has been a busy winter and spring.  Trip to Portland, Poet and poetry, digging holes to plant and to get rid of weeds, moving office stuff, getting ceremonies in order.  

I've done archiving, too, but that's like complaining when offered a fine dessert.  
Sure, I'll just have to eat that sweet bit of chocolate because I'm noble.  

Monday I will begin to better bond with the hammock.  

It is my gift to me.  The time I'll be kicking back will also be my gift.  

I'm ready - to enjoy the very local vista.


  1. You give me ideas--good ones.

    Lately I've had very little time to work in the yard and it shows. But today I got out there and weeded my little fingers off. It feels good to get dirty, to sweat, and to use a rake and shovel. I don't think I'd like it as much if I couldn't see the results, though.

  2. While you will likely catch me in second hand clothes, I treat myself to good, useful tools. There are a couple of short handled hoes that are really great for getting at the roots. It's late, so I'm thinking of it as giving good weeding mileage. A mile is much bigger than my backyard would ever hold.