Tuesday, June 4, 2013

For the last 30 years

For the last 30 years, this has been the view first thing in the morning.  We are lucky that we live in space open enough to have oak trees, pretty much growing wild.  

One tree began to split years ago and has finally reached a point of no return.  It's coming down today.

Have to admit that my sadness at the loss is balanced by my being able to be less frightened that it might split during a big, big wind and land on our neighbor's house.  

So here's to you old friend.  


  1. True. I'm sure it will be used as mulch elsewhere. A different, perhaps urban way, of going through a forest cycle.

  2. True. I'm sure it will be used for mulch. Perhaps this is the urban way of going through the forest cycle.

  3. A tree is always missed. Will you plant a new one?

  4. Our house looks a bit forlorn. I have to think about what we might plant. If we had reasonable neighbors I might think tree, but...

  5. The house does look a bit forlorn. If we head more reasonable neighbors we might seriously consider another tree.