Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Joyous birthday to me

What constitutes a joyous birthday?  Don't know about you, but for me this seems to change from year to year.  When I was a mother of young children, it was seeing the sweet, or quick, expressions of love that the kiddoes had created.  As I've gotten older the definition has been more haphazard in nature.  Perhaps circumstantial is a better word.

I think yesterday was filled with great and small moments of circumstantial joy.

Through some really small town connections...
We had been planning to extend/cover an area of our driveway that abuts the walkway that goes from our backyard to the side of the house.  To that end we'd been collecting older bricks.  James had made a stack that looked more likely a really poorly done wall.  About four feet high and five feet across.  A generous adjective would be gnarly.

I looked through my photos to try and find an image of the wall, but I guess it was so ugly I chose not to take a picture.  No loss except for comparison.

While carpooling with a friend from a meeting last week we discovered that a yard I admired for its brickwork was at her boyfriend's house.  In 24 hours I took James to see the brickwork, we go the name of the fellow who had done it, and Carmelo came by for an estimate.

He and Franciso started work Monday and finished yesterday.

So here is where the b'day definition connects.

James was able to work from home yesterday so I could laze about and be A-birthday Girl.  He took coffee to the guys, checked up on the work while they were doing all the but the last of the work, and clarified the balance for work that was getting done.  Sweet.

Dinner with James, Matthew, and Leslie was a good bit of people joy.
The cake they got for me was a tasty joy.

Waking up and seeing the laid bricks.   Residual birthday joy.

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