Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A political feat

I value those who run for office.  Well, mostly I do.  

On occasion at a political event my mind, or at least my eyes, will wander. 

Loved seeing all of these shoes.

Women supporting a woman candidate in heels on a hot day in an artist's studio.

Bet you knew that the candidate was a woman.  The ratio of heels and sandals to feet is a give away.


  1. One of my favorite shots from you, ever!

    Even if I were running for office, I would not, could not, wear high heels.

  2. Thanks. When I ran I wore business slip-ons. They were a bit like a low wedge with enclosed front. I still have them although they are worse for wear. Years ago I would wear very high heels - 3 of inches. Those days are long gone.