Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Portraits, formal and otherwise

Lili was the one who started it.  She liked snugs.  As a tiny bit of a thing she would come and snuggle with her family as she was waking up.  That was a snug.
Pánfilo must have picked up on this with no example and no training because he beat the girls to James for his snugs.  The girls joined Mr. P.

While they were visiting we took the time to get a formal grandparents and grandchildren photo shoot.  Some of us were busy scoping out the whole process.
Easy to take photos when no one notices you.

When the girls were tired and grumpy after having had donuts for breakfast, lunch was offered to the girls who wore their pre-party best.  Plastic heels and left over Nana wear seemed to make all the difference.  It seemed hard to ignore the paparazza as they went to VIP section of the dining room.

See you in a week dear readers.  I'm needing to focus on the Parade & jamaica.
Date for event - 10/19/13.


  1. Funny. Which sent my mind to Plop on Pops. Mr. P. was most gracious with the potential usurpers.