Saturday, September 14, 2013

Portland beginnings

Our Portland branch of our familia has moved into a new home.  Impetus was a stolen car and the need for a second bathroom.  Too long a story, but the outcome was a move.  Lili and Cheli still share a room, but it is now about five to six times bigger than the room they've shared.  Big enough that they can have a part of a wall with no shelves.  

I drove to Portland to see them in the new house, to be "there" for Cheli's first day of Kindergarten, and to meet the new member in the family - a two month old puppy.

The puppy became a part of the family on Sunday September 1st and as of Wednesday the 11th was still without a name.  La Familia is taking time to give the puppy a good name.  I was asked to provide additional old fashioned guy names - of the Chicano variety.  On the combined list so far: Nacho, Wicho, Lupe, Chuy, Chencho - NO Pépe or Paco for him.  

He's young enough that he is learning by licking and nipping.  Do you taste like a friend or food?

He's bright enough that he has learned to sit - hoping that something good will result from that action.  

He is young enough that he exhaled sweet puppy breath.  

This was especially true as he would fade off into the land of puppy dreams.


  1. I was hoping for Wicho, diminutive for Mauricio. He is slightly walleyed and they have a wistful look about them. Wicho the Wistful. Last I heard, he may become Nacho the Nibbler.