Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love our Library

A great event.  
So much went on at the Love our Authors event this past Saturday.  There were scads of local authors and their works.  And lots of folks who love to read.  

There was a lot of  wonderful music in the Great Hall provided by Random Acts of Music,

moments for group photos,

and more moments for group photos.

Conversations took place throughout the building, including Donald R. Wright Auditorium.

Ideas being exchanged, questions being raised, enthusiasm growing.

Friendly smiles and more.  
Everything from A to ZZ.

Looking forward to next year.

Photos courtesy - Catherine Hany

Random Acts of Music - Pasadena Symphony and Pops


  1. It was great, wasn't it?

    How did you get up there?

    1. It was great. There was great interaction among the folks that came to the even and the folks who came to the library and were surprised by the event. I think your post was mid zap when I entered the images are thanks to Catherine Hany of the Pasadena Library. There are offices on the second floor and the walkway/balcony gets folks from here to there. There are also some really areas in the bowels of the building.

  2. I hated to miss it. I was heading out of town for a long weekend in San Diego. But some of us have been saying this could potentially morph into an ongoing literary festival. Here's hoping...