Thursday, March 20, 2014


Spring beckons.  
If we are lucky we find her

Indoors at Baby Showers,

Outside on our porch,

Surrounded by the perfume of an acre full of wistaria

Or in the color of the clothes worn

by vendors at the Wistaria Festival.

If we are ready, new beginnings also come in the form of four paws and a waggly tail.

Eulalia will soon be coming to our home.  

Thanks to the Pasadena Humane Society.


  1. Just love that little pink nose. So what do you think for a nickname -- Layla?

  2. Me, too. Her green eyes have a bit of gray in them. Nickname likely Lali (Lah-lee). Critters will be Panfi, Lali, and Larry.

  3. Baby nose! Oh, what a sweetie, so little. A lucky girl.

  4. She's home now. So far I'm her older female. Well, I guess I always will be the older female, but you know what I mean. She sat on my lap on the way home and I held her or her leash as she and Pánfilo began to deal with shared territory of our backyard. James had the great idea for me to place her bed on my lap. I sat with her in the bed. After a while I placed it, and her, beside me. Now she's asleep in the bed. Mr. P is asleep beside James and Larry is doing his Neighborhood Watch gig from the living room window.

  5. It's such an exhausting day for a dog, when all reality changes.

    1. Yes and Eulalia is also healing from having been spayed. All three animals ate at the same time in different areas. We helped them remember that they were each served in a different dish. I'm about to take off the top of the cat crate - Larry sized - that will act as her crate. Sometimes it's the small things.

  6. That is a fine looking puppy. Congratulations! she will bring you much joy.

    Similar experience. When I brought Twyla home, she was 8 months at the time. I was told to leave her in the bathroom all night with the cat carrier open. I went in to check on her and she was still in the carrier - frightened. So I took the carrier to bed with me and placed my arm inside it and slept (uncomfortably) that way the rest of the night. Worked like a charm - she curled against my arm, memorized my scent and made a positive connection. The next day there was no need for additional confinement.