Friday, August 8, 2014


If you drive to Crater Lake you typically have a view that highlights the clarity of the sky and the water.  The water is amazingly blue - in part because of the clarity of the water.  

Unfortunately there have been wildfires going on in southern Oregon.  Some were in the Crater Lake National Park, so it was a different view that we experienced.  Turns out that there had been several small fires that had changed from being in a smoldering state to being in an active state.

On Saturday night the sun and the moon were seen through red-brown filters.  The sky alternated between smoky and less smoky. The air wasn't horrid, but it wasn't refreshing.  A Seussian moment...It wasn't a good day for a hike, it wasn't a good day to ride your bike, it wasn't a day to see a blue sky, it was a day that could make tender eyes cry.

Binoculars helped see things with a bit of clarity.

This trip turned out to be less about the view and more about the journey.


  1. Wonderful photos all, especially the last.

    Everything is a teaching moment, no?

  2. Always fun to see adults and children going off to explore nature. Yes, family trips are especially rich in teaching moments.