Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Egads and glorioski

Last weekend was jam-packed!

It actually began on Thursday (Friday vigil?).

I helped work the registration table for Third District Supervisorial candidate, Sheila Kuehl.  The Board of Supervisors has a huge, long-lasting impact on our region, so I think it's beneficial to support those who view it as such and who have shown by their experience that they can be collaborative and effective when they serve as elected officials.

I've heard her speak twice, in a more intimate setting like the event of Thursday, and both times she's been impressive in her candor and thoughtful approach to questions.  Her success in the State Legislature impressive.  She authored 171 bills that were signed into law.
I wish I could vote for her.

Friday was all about another woman whom I admire a bunch.  Dr. Cynthia D. Olivo, is now Associate Vice President, Student Affairs, Pasadena City College.  She is the first Latina to hold a position of such stature; a group of us put together a night of food and fun to honor her accomplishment.  To be honest it was an excuse for me to go into a cooking frenzy.  I'll be putting the last of the pans away in a bit.  Hmmm...back to Cynthia.  She's been a consistent source of support for the students in the past couple of years at PCC.  She has been overseeing the work that took place in 12 different departments at PCC.  Really looking forward to working with her again this academic year.

Friday was also the long distance celebration of our daughter and her husband's wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe that it's been 16 years - but it has.  It is a curious thing to see how one's children's lives unfold.  It is a joy to know that they still enjoy time with each other and their children.

Saturday wasn't all about James and me - although it could have been.  34 years ago we were married. We're already looking forward to 35.  

He is my life partner and good friend.  Whether we're goofing around after seeing an exhibit,

doing the dance of the dog leashes,

 or remembering times shared, like this moment in the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Mexico City, Mexico, about 1996.

Saturday and Sunday were really focused on our son, Matthew and his move to a new place.  We celebrated this with his dear one, Maya.

Good stuff.  

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