Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feels like forever and we're 85% there

Dear Readers,
I can't figure out how to fix the problems that keep rearing their head on this post.  Please be extra gracious and accept the post - flaws and all.

It seems like I've been talking about housecleaning, like, since forever.  Somedays it feels that way to me, too.  But I've begun to see some differences.

The colors were those chosen by Kate  - couple of decades ago.  In other words, we didn't repaint - we will need to do some touch up.

The furniture - a combo of what was in the room and what would be leaving what had been my office, combined with furniture I'd bought and used for Latino Heritage, and a couple of new things like the trashcan that matches one of the walls in the room.

Some of the goodies in the room were given to me, but are really the result of our working together.  

The over 125 shows recorded for Casa Martinez are a part of the room.  They were a labor of love for both of us.  Best comment as we've been cataloguing the shows - J, "I learned so much".  Me, too.

The art is part James and part me in the choosing.  The Virgen and the out of doors, his choice.  The clowns on the door between our adjoining office was my choice.  No deep message there, the image looks good on the door.  The pup was a random temporary addition.  The orange elastic band is a colorful concession to aging and trying to stay limber.

I wasn't able to get a picture of the sheer purple curtains.  Where did they come from?  I don't know but they seemed to make sense in the scheme of things and they were pretty much free.

Don't know if we'll ever reach 95% done - but we might.  In the meantime James can sit in his recliner and mentally debate whether or not to turn on the lights on the Christmas tree.

Let me finish by sharing that it's a bold and secure man who can enjoy a room with purple curtains.


  1. Although the time may seem to have moved slowly, it is clear that you kept moving forward. By the way, I like the wall colors!

    1. Thanks. Only empty ump rooms to go...You know the challenge in a couple of the rooms is the storage of the tapes for Casa Martinez. Changing technology!