Monday, August 25, 2014

Four months in

We met our new puppy four months ago.

We brought her home and named her Lali.

Lali decided it was an okay place to be and 
Larry figured what the heck.

Last week Lali crept under the covers of our bed - all on her own.

It's her home, isn't it?


  1. We're waiting for Wilma to become this comfortable. She's fine in the house, very loving and sweet and willing. On the leash, she's doing better, but we still have some work to do.

  2. I'm sure she'll become her version of this comfortable. We've work to do with Lali re: getting excited when she sees us after a while and helping her learn that not all within her muzzle's reach should be used as a chew toy. She seems to be particularly fond of business cards and pencils.

  3. Lali is so sweet, and she's been very lucky to have such a comfortable home. The photo of her sleeping in your bed is so cute. It's hard for them to distinguish between chew toys and non-chew things, isn't it? Tina assumed all the stuffed toys I put out for my granddaughter were hers, and dragged them into the garden. It was pitiful (and hilarious) watching the little girl running after Tina, who had her doll between her jaws. "My baby, my baby!," Ivy cried. Tina thought it was a great game. My biggest problem is house training She just doesn't get it. Peed on the floor of the veterinary surgery the other day, just because she felt like it. Peed in her dog bed many times while we were away, so that the floorboards beneath it were ruined.Have you any advice on that?

  4. Lali is mostly sweet with a dash of Diva topped with a bit Chihuahua instigator. I found it hilarious to find her as she was. I'm used to her getting under the covers but I guess it was too warm for her that day.
    Panif doesn't seem to suffer from the "to chew or not to chew" question. He loves chew on anything hard. He also loves to chew on rubber toys, but he's been known to ingest bits of them, so no more toys of that sort for him. La Lali is less discriminating by choice. She also will bring her toys up on the sofa. There are times when she gets ready to leap up, toy in mouth, and then sees me and moves on to non-forbidden territory.
    Oh, your sweet grand daughter must have been greatly disillusioned.
    No suggestions on the peeing. Well, wait, yes I do have a handy one. It also seems to work with critter barf. When any of the bodily fluids land on a wooden floor I immediately get my Murphy's Wood and clean the area. Seems to help a lot.