Friday, August 15, 2014

Pretend it is Thursday

I don't usually "do" Throwback Thursday... but I've come across lots of pictures as I've been cleaning and reorganizing the rooms in our home.

Fact: I try to never take myself too seriously.  
A flaw, perhaps, in an earnest historian, but there you go.  

But I ask you, how could you take yourself too seriously when you know that you have the picture you took as Shirley Dimple lurking about?  

As a teen I took all sorts of dance - comedy was one of the forms.  


  1. Oh my god. This is darling.

    An earnest historian needn't take herself seriously as long as she takes history seriously.

  2. Not sure whether or not I still have the wig. Haven't worn gingham in years. So true about being serious about one's self.