Thursday, September 25, 2014

45 days - in just 23 hours

I'm writing fast so please forgive typos, grammar spills, and syntactical boo boos.

What a whirlwind!  It will have been 45 days from the appointment where I share with my ob/gyn sthat I did not feel right to surgery this coming Friday.  Longer than my friends had to adjust - two paragraphs isn't much time - but still a very short time.

Nothing prepared me for the generosity of spirit that I have experienced since I shared news of my upcoming surgery.  Kind offers of food, of shopping, of driving me to appointments.  And a couple of my beloved friends have come by to help me clean the house.  Was there ever such a gift as a kind hearts and elbow grease?  I think not.  At least in my world which is too often filled with dust bunnies.

Which sort of brings me to the point of this post.  Sharing is good.  Pretty simple, pretty powerful,  and sometimes so easy to forget.

Some of the simple gestures and simple bits of encouragement have included:
Information on websites that deal with uterine cancer and hysterectomies.  Who knew that there is a Hyster Sisters website?  Or that there is another site that is set for folks to coordinate meal deliveries?  There have been numbers of people who have shared "success" stories - survivors of similar sorts of cancer who have gone on to live long productive lives.  And others who have responded to the news by setting an appointment to see their ob/gyn or have decided to encourage a loved one to make that phone call.

I'm going into Huntington Memorial Hospital tomorrow.  Surgery is set for about 3:30.  If all goes as planned  3-4 hours later preliminary review of a frozen section will take place and sometime after that there'll be some news for this first part of the journey.  I'm hoping that the worst I'll be dealing with will be some stitches and gas.  Yes, I'll be tired, but I'll be putting my energy to healing.

With no complications I should be home sometime on Saturday.

A more detailed result of the section will be available about a week from tomorrow.  Hoping for the best.

I'll share info as soon as I can.

Most of us have gotten pretty far from barn raising, but the care and time that my friends have shared have helped to build a positive attitude.  And a positive attitude is a tool for fighting cancer.  In a way, my friends are helping me fight this cancer.  Thank you.

The offers of meals will allow me, extending to kith and kin, to relax a bit and deeply indulge in each other's company.  Being with each other and caring for each other can be some of the best medicine available.

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