Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good morning

Good morning all - and it is a good morning.  This is James, posting for Roberta, who wants you all to know that the surgery went successfully.  And even better - the cancer news is as good as it could be.  No further spread was found, just a few lymph nodes excised to be further tested.  So the current prognosis is excellent.

She's in good spirits, beginning to take liquid food, in some discomfort but not unexpected.  No word as yet as to whether she'll be home today or tomorrow.

I'm sure Roberta will post more when she's able - but from me, a heartfelt thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, good wishes and help.



  1. This is wonderful news, James. Thanks for keeping us updated! ~ Monica Hubbard

  2. Thank you, James. I've been thinking about her today.