Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lecture is such a pedantic word

There are a couple of images that come to mind when I hear or read the word "lecture".
The first is the l o n g talk that talk place at college where there are 100 plus people in the room and the presenter is more focused on data or dates.  Neither is a bad thing, but the circle for whom this is fun is usually pretty darn small.

I'm planning that the lecture I give on October 1st will not fall into that category.  I've begun to think of what I present as a photo essay with a real time audio component.

Part of the work is my being sure that I interact with the folks attending, but the bulk of the work is done by the visuals that will be presented.  

Happy to share that many of the images come from the Elliott Collection which is archived at The Huntington Library.  Even happier to share that I had the good fortune to discover images that were uncatalogued, likely rarely seen, and not publicly shared for half a century.  

I presented a talk with the same title a couple of years ago on behalf of the Pasadena Museum of History at the Blacker House.  I've learned more about the Bandini family and the Elliott family - and I've found a few more pictures.  

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  1. I was hoping to attend this, but will your health permit you to give this lecture on Oct 1st, or, will it be postponed a month or two??