Monday, November 17, 2014

The road to be traveled

I have been on a bit a of a mission over the last two years; long before our son left the premises and long before the cancer chapter.  I'm getting older and developing a taste for having less.  This has been informed by philosophy, developing practice, and the deep desire to spend less time cleaning.

The answer has been to give things away to family, friends, and those who would appreciate our stuff.

James and I have have donated books we no longer read.  There's some person who wishes they could buy a book we've owned, but can't buy new books. Time for us to drive to a thrift store.

My friend and I went through my closet and out went clothes.  I do not NEED more than one black and white polka dot blouse; there is a woman who will love the one I gave away.

I have given up the idea that I will be a social maven and so no longer will hold on to some of the more prissy sorts of flatware available for purchase.  We have no need for master butter knives or butter spreaders; regular dinner knives do the job just as well.

The same goes for the many, many shot glasses, wine glasses, cordial glasses, and their assorted cousins.  Can't tell you how long it's been since we've enjoyed a snifter of brandy.  So many of these wonders of glass have been donated or sold.

As evidence, here is the shelf after glass donations.

We went to ACTS Thrift Store last week looking for a sweater for James.  That was our mission.

We entered.  Three feet from the entrance there was a table set for a holiday dinner.

Here was this five piece set for six, WITH creamer and sugar bowl, serving plate and serving bowl for about $30 dollars.  With a wintery rather than a Christmasy design.  Were that not enough we were there before noon which meant that we would enjoy a 30% discount!

I will acknowledge my relapse.  But like others who deal with their gentle addictions, I will swear that tomorrow is another day and that I will return to the road from which I have strayed.


  1. a good bargain deserves to have its goal in life fulfilled.

  2. They will bring seasonal smiles to folks who will be at our table.

  3. Oh, that's familiar (the relapse, I mean).

  4. Yep. If I were to measure what we've done over two years I can claim some sort of success. It's not always evident if one just looks at what we have. Come Christmas I'll be giving away more of glass serving dishes, plates, and vases. That's when we'll be able to see a real difference.