Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another hat, but still on things political

Yesterday I wrote about a candidate that I'm supporting.  Today I won't even write the name because I'm wearing a different hat. 

Under this hat is the part of me that wonders questions that don't have simple answers.  It is the part of me that wants to learn more about those running for office.  How well do they know the complex communities of Altadena, Pasadena, and Sierra Madre?  What are some of the issues that are a part of daily conversations around the city or the school district?  Do they have the ability to look at a problem from multiple perspectives and use their knowledge to find solutions?  Are they a fire brand or one issue candidate?  Are they astute and able to stand toe to toe with those who have different philosophies, while remaining civil?

What are the bigger questions that exist for the students, for the parents, and for those of us who are also a part of the communities of Altadena, Pasadena, and Sierra Madre?  There now exists a working relationship between the three governing bodies.  How will any of candidates participation in that delicate relationship have an impact that may be helpful rather than hurtful?  How do they define public safety and how do they see it manifested?  Have the school board candidates ever been to the city the don't live in?  Have the council members ever visited any of the schools in PUSD?  

This coming Sunday variants on these sorts of questions will be asked at the Non-Partisan Candidate Forum hosted by the Pasadena Latino Coalition (PLC).  

The PLC’s goal is to shine a light on the experiences of the Latino community; including the disparity that too often exists in areas of education, employment, health and housing in the City of Pasadena.

PLC will not be making endorsements for the March 2015 election.   The forum is opportunity for those who are a part of the Latino community, or who might be allies, to hear the candidate's positions on a variety of topics that are particularly pertinent to the Latino community.

The candidate forum will take place at the Pasadena Senior Center- thanks to them for letting us use their their auditorium.  The  candidates for different positions will be present; even two of the three candidates for council who are running unopposed.  

Here's a chance for folks to learn more about the folks who will be making decisions that will be a part of our lives.

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