Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's pi day

Some of us have taken this more to art than others...

Idea, baked goods and photo - Nichole Mihara and Gregory Harrison


  1. You were very good on TV the other night. I thought your interview questions were astute and your presence was a perfect combination of humor and gravitas.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Truth be told I had long wished to be someone interviewing folks in a setting like that. The reporting the numbers,well, that was a whole 'nother thing. It was funny. We had no red lights on the camera so the poor stage manager had to flail about to let us know which camera was live. In addition the camera that was my 'one shot', was a camera on the wall. She kept motioning and motioning; I couldn't figure what she was trying to have me read. In my small defense, the camera was mounted on the wall, white, pretty much only had the lens and was stationary. Still, thanks.

  3. I didn't notice anything weird. I was going back and forth between facebook and your video, so maybe I missed any screw-ups! But I didn't see a single thing amiss.

    1. Good. I'm glad I was able to time my goofs that way. lol. The poor stage manager was doing a quick and intense dance of direction.