Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Saran serpent

Last Friday I tripped and fell on a concrete walkway.
Spent the week end thinking my my arm was broken - compression fracture.  
Found out Monday - it was my wrist not my arm.  
Tomorrow I'll have surgery to fix the broken bones.
This will be a part of my fashion statement for a while.

I'll be on a blogcation for a while.   Too hard to type with one hand.
Following is a response to the responses below.


  1. Oh, and it's your mouse-hand, too. (The current cast looks like an ostrich puppet.)

  2. Yes, the one-hand thing is no good. Enjoy your blogcation and let that serpent heal.

  3. oh no! bet you'll learn how to type left handed with your index finger. It's how Vic operates.. Just takes more time. Enjoy your pain drugs and get well soon

  4. thanks, all. i seem to be doing a five finger version an yes, it takes a bit more time. the drugs are helpful but binging on the west wing is more my cup of tea. lol