Friday, June 19, 2015

A fine line between indulgence and debauchery

7:23 Slept in, unintentionally.  Need to zoom, I have an 8:00 meeting in E. Pasadena.
7:40 Yes, friend, I'd love to meet you for coffee and breakfast.
7:45 Let person know that I'm going to be a little late.
7:55 Who is in that truck in front of house?  I need to get to meeting.  Oh, Dear Friend, thank you for the birthday concha.  Chocolate AND vanilla with a birthday candle.  "Gotta go, see you Sunday for coffee".
8:15 Good meeting - lots and lots of possibilities.

9:30 I'm here.  Oh, oatmeal and coffee.  Yesssss.  And we finish with some cheesecake from URTH CAFE?  Would I like the leftovers?  Well, normally I'd be gracious and say, "oh, no".  But not today.  Sure I'll take it home in a box.  jajaja
Courtesy Burstible
11:38 Home again.  Hi, critters.  Peanut butter sandwich for lunch. With milk.

11:45 Read good wishes and felt so happy to see the names and faces of friends and family from all over the place.  BIG smiles.

12:40 Leave for meeting
1:00   Oh, I'm going to enjoy serving on the City of Pasadena's Civic Center Public Art Advisory Committee.  Lots to talk about in the Public Art Master Plan.

3:15 Happy All Saints is open.  A moment of reflection makes my day happier.

3:50 Twohey's with another friend.  I unabashedly order onion rings and we share the decadent fudge sundae.

5:15 Ross Dress for Less - I go to buy a bathing suit and find some sandals AND a dress.

6:45 Home again.  James has fed the critters.  And then he walks the dogs.   Meanwhile, back on the sofa, I watch "Mothra".

8:30 Dinner at

Oh, yes, I'll have a second glass of the tempranillo.
Oh, no, I couldn't order a dessert.  Hmmm...I could take a couple of forkfuls of that happy ginger filled creation.

9:45 Home to the critters and the end of "THEM!"

10:45 Time to hibernate, I mean, sleep.


  1. ...and digest!

    I'm glad you had a good birthday.

    I can't wait to try the Kitchen.

    1. I spent the next day drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit. Since I haven't been eating as much rich or sweetened food I didn't miss the goodies at all. But, boy, that day of indulgence was a good one!