Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Journey to Pueblo or Remembering One's Place

Train ride to La Junta, CO was good.  Lots of room and a chance to wear comfy shoes.  
I will ride the Southwest Chief again.
I wish it still stopped in Pueblo.  
Oh, well, a quick layover in La Junta tonight and a short bus ride to Pueblo tomorrow.

Ready to de-board, or is it disembark, or is it detrain?  I don't know at this moment.   
I've been on the road for 24 hours - because I'm serious about my work, y que.
I'll stand for the last hour, thank you.  I'm ready.
After all, I'm an independent scholar and I'm about to do serious researchy-business.

Um, the bus will stop for me, right?  

Even if they don't call the motel to find out if there is anyone who might need a ride?

Did I mention the independent scholar bit?


  1. Oh, looks a bit desolate. And hot.

  2. A wonderful post, except the part about having to stand for an hour!