Tuesday, July 28, 2015

After and Before

Been pretty busy lately.  Will share more of the details soon.

In the meantime, yesterday was the 40th birthday of my older baby.

A woman who can still make her tween laugh and can perch a purse on her knee without giving it too much thought.  I have to admire that skill set.  She is a multi-tasking mama, serious social worker, and loving daughter.

Morro Bay - 2014

Busy times means that I can only share a link to what I wrote last year in honor of my parents and their wedding anniversary - http://pasadenalatina.blogspot.com/2014/07/63-and-39-equals-lot-of-life-and-love.html

I can share a picture of their wedding day and can share that they would have been so proud to see their granddaughter and their great-granddaughter laughing and being close - just because.

La Plazita - 1951

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  1. Happy birthday, happy anniversary, and happy anniversary.