Monday, September 28, 2015

Gracias a la vida, first anniversary

Latino Heritage Month is always pretty busy for me.  It seems that designating a month, or a day, with a particular name of title helps people think about thing differently.  First example that comes to mind is TBT on Facebook.  Who would have thought those three initials would establish a habit that is followed occasionally by some and helps to define the days of the week for others.  So many of us get a chance to see something of our friends and their youth or their families.  Makes us a feel a little closer to many.

I find Latino Heritage Month to be similar.  It's not that this is the only time I might want to share some of my heritage, or the only time one might be interested things Latino.  I think one of the outcomes of Latino Heritage Month is similar to the TBT.  We get to share a bit more about ourselves and folks get to learn a bit more about each other.

So, I'll continue to join others in sharing the complexity of our history, the diversity of our experiences, and the fun that can be had at various celebrations that will take place through October 15th.

On a very personal note I want to acknowledge that it has been a years since I had my bout with cancer.  I'll see the oncologist early next month and am not expecting there to be any changes since I was given a clean bill of health a year ago.

In many ways I don't feel a bit different.  But I know that I am forever changed.  I am a cancer survivor.  It gives me a feeling of uneasiness to write the phrase - if I do so am I tempting fate?  If I don't write it, am I tempting fate?  Better to acknowledge and rejoice, I think.

I want to again give thanks to all who were so generous of spirit - in word and in deed.  There was poetry that was written by Dr. Juan Lara - “Up in the morning and off to school, Roberta is teaching the Golden Rule, Grade One is slow, it didn’t move fast, Stage One is done and over at last!”

There were friends who came by pre-surgery and helped me get the bedroom set so that I could be comfortable as I healed.  There were those who helped me during the first weeks by visiting me and staying briefly.  The first weeks this was the perfect medicine.  There were those who sent cards or shared their best via electronic means.  There were those who helped with the critters.  There were those who prayed for me or sent their best wishes and love.  I'm sure better for each thought that was sent my way.

Then there were those who brought yummy food.  This was the gift that surprised me most.  I had no idea how much James and I would value having something at the house that meant James could come home from work and that meant he didn't need to shop or wash pans.  

Gracias a usted, dear reader.  Your comments and good wishes helped me get back to good health.  

Here is a link to a performance by the great Mercedes Sosa.  It is with her expressive voice and the lyrics of Parra I share my thanks to each of you and to life.

Gracias a la vida - Violeta Parra
Thanks to life which has given me so much
It has given me sound that in all its width
Day and night records crickets and canaries
Hammers and turbines and bricks and storms
And the tender voice of my well loved 

Thanks to life which has given me so much
It has given me sound and the alphabet
With it, the words that I think and declare:
Mother, friend, brother
And light illuminating the path of the soul 

from which comes love 

Thanks to life which has given me so much
It has given me to walk with my tired feet
With them I walked cities and puddles
Beaches and deserts, mountains and plains
And your house, your street and your patio 

Thanks to life which has given me so much
He gave my heart fluttering its frame
When I look at the fruit of the human brain
When I look good so far from bad
When I look at the bottom of your eyes clear 

Thanks to life which has given me so much
It gave me laughter and it has given me tears
So I distinguish happiness and grief
The two materials that are my song
And your song, which is the same song
And all that singing is my own song

Thanks to life Thanks to life

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  1. Life is glad to have you around, Roberta, because you make it better.