Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Real questions

Tonight I'll be on the panel following the performance of 
at the Pasadena Playhouse.  I'll be joining Josefina López, Dr. Cynthia Olivo, and Seema Sueko.  
We'll be discussing how the play relates to Pasadena and Southern California.  

I believe there'll be time for questions from the audience.  I'm especially looking forward to that time since the bulk of the audience will be students and faculty from PCC.   I'll be curious to learn what the characters, the set, and play means to them. How is their reaction different from mine and why?

As for me, yesterday when I saw the set I could almost take in the scent of the concrete, of the oil of the machines, of the wood as it became freed from paint by wear and tear. 

I saw the sky and thought of evenings looking out my window before night had truly arrived; the vastness of the sky defined by the distance between phone poles and factory walls.  


  1. You're also speaking at the library next week, yes?

    1. I'll be speaking at two libraries next week. I'm going to write about that today. Well, that's what is on my to do list.