Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Deconstructed Chaos

It began innocently enough.  I had a coupon from a local store.  
20% off my next purchase of $15.00 or more.  
After a hearty season of curating, talking, and researching I was ready to do something else.  
Since it is cool(er) that meant it was time for me to begin baking.  

The natural intersection of those two thoughts led me to take an inventory of my goodies that are used for baking. Were I either of my dear comadres I likely would have either not had this task to do or would have been done in the space of a couple of hours.  Took me a couple of days to do this.  Mind you, I now have organized pictures of the stacks of bakeware and a written list noting order of placement.  I'm not anal but I can, on occasion, veer towards methodical.    I will give the pans away to a local group or school.

How did I decide what would stay and what would go?  I took a hard look at what I've done and what I'm going to do.  I've baked wedding cakes for receptions of about 290 folks.  One needs 16" baking pans to do that.  Not going to do that again.  In the box it goes.  Also not going to make chocolate seashells for wedding cakes.  Bye, bye.  Do I really need to angel food pans.  I think not.  

So out came all the pans and the memories that they helped make.  

 Kate's wedding, my parents anniversaries, James and my wedding,  Matthew's birthdays, groups to which I no longer belong, friends who are with us and those who are no longer with us except in love and memory.  All tumbled out to make me smile and bring a tear or two.

And then there was light

and order

and room for that pan that I need that I can get for less than $15.00 - with the coupon.


  1. You're brave. I'm sure reaching my hand deep into the cupboards would prove a rabbit hole.

  2. Well, I knew the rabbit hole was there and it was time to explore.