Saturday, February 13, 2016

February is Full and is Following a January That was Jamming

I have continued to work on decluttering my closets and files. Came to an agreement with myself that I would not continue to show before and after photos.  Partially because I begin to work at the decluttering and partially because I am usually about halfway through the task before I realize that taking a photo would be a fun thing to do.

The past few weeks have also been focused on events that will be taking place within our family and events that are directly connected with my work.

Regarding the former I've been all Mother-of-the-Groom-ing. Beginning to work with son and his fiancee as they get closer to the Big Day.  Lots more to share at some point on this.  Enough to share now that this is a role that I'm enjoying and that warms my heart.  In addition to keeping an eye out for Junior Bridesmaid dress possibilities, burlap and ivory lace, there was also the hunt for a wedding venue.   The explore has been part location scout, part almanac reader, and part reminding myself that the lead is not mine to take.  Yes, the last is the most difficult for me.  But, in a good way.

The past 3 weeks have been filled with sharing history.  The end of January I shared local history with 5 different classes at John Muir High School.  The classes were all eleventh graders and were attentive.  They asked good questions.   Their majors were varied; Business, Engineering, and some in the AEM Academy.   One of the fun challenges for me is revamping the presentation a bit to better serve each audience.  The pedagogical idea of the Teachable Moment is quite simply responding to the twinkle in a student's eye as you share the lesson and then you figure out ways to use that enthusiasm as a sort of portal.  Not exactly time travel, but certainly mind travel.

Much of the rest of the time has been spent preparing for a couple of talks that I'll be giving in the next six weeks.  

The first takes place this coming Friday, February 19th.  
Eileen Galindo is one of those folks who has a lot of commas in their job descriptions.  If you look at here site you'll see links to her work: on the screen, as a voice actor, in animation, and as a voice over coach.  I'm guessing that she could also add production to the list.  She is coordinating a series of informal salons where folks are sharing storytelling in an intimate setting.  She has invited me participate and I invite you to join us. 

You are cordially invited to the 
True Stories from the Family Tree
"Love Makes A Family: Born and Chosen" 

  I'll be sharing a bit about my own family - especially those Chosen.  We have a couple of generations of folks who have been adopted into our family.  I'll be sharing how we came to adopt our son and the story of my Uncle Henry who died in Germany in WWII.

The next presentation I'll be making will take place February 25th at the Donald R. Wright Auditorium in the Pasadena Central Library.  

I had the pleasure of working with historian and writer Mary Ann Montañez on a exhibit that was at the Altadena Library this past fall.   It is a joy to work others who love history and who are generous in sharing their work with others.

Mary Ann wrote an introduction to the exhibit that included that they "are a part of our history (and) lived under the flags of Los Estados Unidos de México, the Bear Flag Revolt, and the United States of America... From 1820 to 1920, they lived on Ranchos, homesteading claims, ranches, and in the cities of the foothills". 
Who were these people?  Well, come to the talk and you'll get some answers.
This is a free event.

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