Monday, March 21, 2016

Welcome Spring and Happy Anniversary

There are the anniversaries you plan on and those that happen.  Every year James and I celebrate our anniversary.  On occasion we do it up with a party; last year was our 35th and we had a grand time.  Our son is engaged to be married; we'll have a big party when that happens and then we look forward to at least recognizing the date that will be special for them.

The City of Pasadena has gotten into the habit of celebrating its beginning.  Typically the celebration takes place on a warm, clear day in June.  The city was incorporated on June 19, 1886.

These are the sorts of dates one sets up or commemorates with joy or at least a bit of a happy feeling.

There are also the dates that have great meaning to vast numbers of people.  One might not remember the exact year, but few people in the United States don't have instant associations that happen with 9/11.

Each of us has our own dates that might be remembered by our nearest and our dearest; even they might not remember if they didn't calendar them.

On a very personal note, yesterday was a huge anniversary for me for it was a year ago that I fell and broke my wrist.  The radical hysterectomy I had had six months earlier was somewhat easier.  In some ways.

At the time of surgery I was almost 63 and had no great need for what was to be removed.  Well past menopause it was an organ that was what I came into this life with, but that had in many ways become a bit redundant; like an appendix.  The surgery was robotically assisted so I felt discomfort and was somewhat limited, but I needed no chemo, radiation, or therapy.

By contrast the surgery on my wrist was truly life altering.  Nothing quite like having to have someone help you get bathed, get dressed, or take you places.  I was quite lucky.  I am married to someone who made sure my needs were met.  I was also lucky to have medical coverage so that I could have the surgery, the follow up visits with the orthopedic surgeon, and several months of occupational therapy.

Very grateful to all the friends who gave me rides or helped with errands.  It made a world of difference to me and I'm sure helped me heal that much faster.

To be a bit graphic - skip this if you are a mite squeamish -

the incision was about two inches long.  Layers of skin and flesh were incised, muscles and tendons were moved about, and then the plates and pins were added to my being.  For a few days following the surgery endocet was my friend.

For weeks after surgery I couldn't hold a paper without my hand shaking.  My arm that had been taken apart, and then reconstituted, had to become strong again.

As I shared last year, the upside was that I became an expert in binge watching.  The downside, well, believe it or not, writing does take up energy and when you are busy healing, it is far too easy to overcommit.  There was no way that I could write with any sort of consistency.

All of this to share that yesterday was the anniversary of my fall.  Later this week will be the anniversary of my surgery.

If I am lucky, in time, the date of the fall and surgery will become something I need to double check on the calendar.  I'll be more likely to remember that it's spring rather then the anniversary of a fall.

Herbert Siguenza, is an accomplished artist in many fields.  When he learned about my break he sent me this sketch.  I often looked at it while I was working at being quasi-ambidextrous and while I was gaining strength in my hand.
Herbert Siguenza - 2015

I look forward to writing lots more this year and in years to come.