Thursday, April 30, 2009

But wait

I was hoping to share something of how I came to write a book, but my computer was not helpful today.  Were it a person I would call it petulant.
This afternoon and evening was spent with real live people and not electronic missives.
 First introducing a new school board member to some wonderful, caring community members.  Then on to City Hall to wish an outgoing Council member the very best.  Some of my favorite memories of Sid will be watching him as he rode in his very first Latino Parade, taking time to ask good questions when I was sharing the history of Latinos in Pasadena, as we walked beside and informal exhibit, asking questions that have to do with affordable housing, healthcare for our most needy and things Colorado.  
He will be missed.  
Then a sweet party for Pasadena Now.  Thanks to Candy and James for five years of coverage of a wide variety of events in town.  And some really lovely pictures.
And then on to celebrate with the Pasadena Latino Employee Association.  Like many associations their membership has changed over the years.  What has stayed the same has been their commitment to sharing Latino culture and supporting each other.
So...tomorrow it's back to the parades.

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