Saturday, May 2, 2009

A different sort of day today

Our computer is working but the DSL leaves a lot to be desired.  At this point in time spotty access is considered as good.  And writing short posts is good.
Friday I was interviewed by a young woman who is working freelance for the Pasadena Weekly. It is always a bit odd to start talking abut the book.  I feel a bit embarrassed.  Then comes a question about some image in the book and I find myself wanted to share page after page.  So I shared stories and the reporter shared information on moo cards.  
Back to parades...
Which brings me back to standing on the corner of Green Street and Raymond, watching the Irish Parade.  It occurred to me that there might be as many Latinos as Irish in Pasadena.  And that it would be fun to have a parade that highlighted the Latino community in Pasadena.  I shared this idea with some community members and we were on a roll.  And a decade later I found myself writing a book on Latinos in Pasadena.

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