Monday, May 4, 2009

Spinning in Time

So this is not time travel, but memory travel.  

Went to the San Marino Historical Society today and read some the court papers of Victoria Reid, baptized Bartolomea Comicrabit, wife of  Hugo Reid.  
If you think that that was a confusing sentence but were able to get to the end of it and have it make some sense, you would enjoy reading this document.  

After reading this one document I was left wondering who paid for the case?  What took place before it reached this level?  How valuable was the land? 

It was intriguing to read that Abel Stearns, spouse of Arcadia Bandini de Stearns (later de Baker) was the interpreter for Arcadia.  My friend Gary and I are going to look at this in greater detail to get a better sense of how things happened in the case.

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