Saturday, February 20, 2010

If I were getting married

My dear friend Wendy Anderson is a community volunteer and a producer.

Wendy served on the Commision on the Status of Women for many years; working tirelessly to highlight the issues that are unique to women in the City of Pasadena. She currently is on the board of the Chamber of Commerce - helping to look out for the independent person as well as larger businesses in the area. She is Co-President East West Players; Vice Chair Member Services, Pasadena Chamber of Commerce; Secretary National Women's Political Caucus Greater Pasadena.

She and Kellye Wallett were among the founders of Cherry Blossom Fesival which began in Pasadena and now takes place in Los Angeles. I believe they are expecting 30, ooo people to attend this year.

Wendy helps every year with the Latino Heritage parade and jamaica. We couldn't do it without her donation of creative, experienced and savvy skills.

She is producing a show to take place tomorrow. Based on everything I've ever seen Wendy produce it will be grand. If I had a daughter/cousin/mentee who was getting married, I'd be sure to take her to this event. Shoot, I'd probably go for the fun of it. I like going to weddings, so this will be like going to a wedding and not having to wrap a gift.
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In a few moments I'm off to see this year's Black History Parade. Maybe I'll see you on Fair Oaks.
Pasadena - what a place!

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