Saturday, February 20, 2010


We have been working on our yard. When I say we I am including a fellow we've met and hired via our own Day Laborer site at 500 N. Lake.
Like so many of the workers there Spanish is his dominant language and he comes from Mexico. He, like many of the other men and women there, are ready and willing to work hard for those of us in the city that have need on an occasional basis.
As it turns out Emilio came from a city in Sinaloa, MX. He is very proud that several of the schools in the area go to 6th grade and that those who wish to go to school beyond that can go to the high school in the nearby big city. He likes to work out of doors, likes to produce professional results, and is fond of our Leia and Larry.
He didn't work here yesterday. James and I, Larry and Leia missed his being here.


  1. Roberta, can you tell us more about 500 N. Lake? I've never hired a worker from there and my Spanish isn't very good. Any information you can give would be helpful, including links. Thanks.

  2. Here is a formal description from their site.
    The Day Laborer Community Job Centers provide a humane way to look for work and offer a learning environment through literacy, English classes and information about health, labor and immigrant laws.
    The folks that work in the office speak English. There is also a group of women who do domestic work and offer "Eco-friendly house cleaning and office cleaning services.

  3. Thanks very much. I think a lot of people may not know about this (at least I didn't). It might be a good thing to do a post about.