Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For those who have been given much, much is expected

That was the quote I heard this morning from Alma Powell. She certainly seems to be taking words from St. Luke to action.
Ms. Powell is an audiologist, an author, and chairs the advisory board for the Pew Center for Civic Change. She is the daughter of two former principals and is the wife of General Colin Powell. She and General Powell have been active in America's Promise Alliance.
A little research provides the key elements in the work done by the initiative include:
Ongoing relationships with caring adults-parents, mentors, tutors or coaches
Safe places with structured activities during non-school hours.
Healthy start and future.
Marketable skills through effective education
Opportunities to give back through community service.
Most effective organizations that are focused on empowering our youth include these key elements. What I found noteworthy was the idea that our young people, especially those most challenged, need to have opportunities to give back through community service. The ability to help makes us all feel more competent.
So, if you are involved with youth, I hope you help them to learn that not only can they give back, but that they should.

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