Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Have history, will travel

I understand why some folks don't like history. That thought, like Math Analysis, is a bit of a foreign concept to me, but I accept that some folks feel that way. So often history is presented as a bunch of dates, focused on people we don't know who lived on the East Coast. Pretty cerebral, pretty distant.

On Saturday, March 20th at 2:00 p.m. I'll get a chance to share some local history at the Boston Court Performing Art Center, right here in Pasadena. The presentation will be a part of Art Talk a festival from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Pasadena Playhouse District.

Don't know if I'll be using super large photos or powerpoint. The 25 minute window has me gasping a bit. When I present to groups I often have, or take, some latitude with time. But the theatre will have a stage manager in the wings, watching the clock, and ready with a hook. NEXT!

I'll also get to be a vendor, selling some of my books, when not on stage. So I'll unfold the dolly, pack copies of Latinos in Pasadena, and carry some to Boston Court. Even with the 6 hour stretch there'll be no need to be hungry given the fine food in the area. Already thinking about the possibilities.

I love to share history. Name a place or gather a group and I'll be there. You don't even have to buy me a cup of coffee. I've shared history with a lot of different groups in a lot of different places. It isn't everyday that I get to share history in a theatre. Please join me, if you will.

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  1. I'm very excited about ArtTalk coming up with its plethora of activities! I'm happy that you'll be part of it.