Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So much more

Spent the day in Alhambra training for the 2010 Census. I'll be working as a Quality Assistance Center Representative.

The 2010 Census forms are available in 6 languages. If a respondent needs help in a language other than those 6 - we Reps have flashcards for another 59 languages. We may not be able to directly answer their questions but the flash cards will give them a number to call and they'll be able to call a rep who can help them.

Tonight when I looked at this 19th century map I wondered how the folks who lived here would have answered Census questions. How many folks were permanent residents on April 1st? What language do you want your census form in? What race do you choose? What might the words have sounded like when parents sang their children to sleep?

Today we were told the census is about statistics, but I think it has always been about so much more.

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