Monday, March 15, 2010

I feel that it is our responsibility to be citizen participants in
our democracy. I feel very strongly that one's private position and vote is as close to sacred as one can get in the secular parts of our lives. How I vote is one of the things over which I am allotted absolute privacy. I can choose to share, but have the freedom not to do so.
I find now that I need to ask for your support for Measure CC.

Put simply our children need for this parcel tax to pass. If you look at the website below you'll see the diversity of groups that feel this way and support its passage. And you'll see some of the reasons why passage can make a difference in their lives and in our future. Economic, ethical, and plain old good sense reasons are listed.

My children are very different one from the other in many ways; not the least of which being their educational experiences and needs. With one we had to worry about the GATE program and with the other we had to worry about Special Ed and IEPs. If they were in school this coming year, they would both be adversely affected by the lack of funding available to support their particular needs.

With the passage of CC things will be extremely difficult in our district. Without passage the situation will be abysmal.

I grew up post-Mendez v. Westminster and Brown v. Board of Ed. So many of us that grew up in Post WWII California had options opened for us that allowed both individual and the state to benefit economically from our education. I would hope that our community’s children could receive the sort of support we received.

A poster printed by a student put it rather bluntly. "No School, No Future." Because I support our schools and the future education of our children I am voting yes on CC.

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