Friday, April 23, 2010

Adelante Mujeres

The 16th annual Adelante Mujer Latina conference will take place at Pasadena City College today.
There are typically anywhere from 1200 to 15oo young women (12-21 years old) and accompanying adults that come to the conference that begins at 7 and ends around 3. The majority come from districts outside the area; this year there will be some coming in from places as far away as Bakersfield and Las Vega, NV.
Keynote speakers will be Norma Garcia, RCC trustee and Monica Garcia LAUSD board president.
The stories shared by keynote and workshop presenters deal with the same challenges the girls are facing and offer them a peek into what different fields are like.
I look at a picture like this one and wonder whose life was made better for the effort?


  1. It has really gained momentum over the years.

  2. Absolutely. The house was absolute full today. So full I think they may need to look at using the balcony next year!