Sunday, April 11, 2010

Folks dressed in red

The oddest part of yesterday was the ride to home after volunteering at Cherry Blossom Festival. Highlights to that point included ...
The drive that began at 5:30; south on the 110 to Little Tokyo. After figuring out where to drop my off, James drove away, sort of into the sunrise.
My job was to help the vendors for the festival checked in.
They began to arrive at 6:30, by 7:15 LAPD officers brought me a cup of coffee.
The two lovely ladies pictured here worked as if they were production professionals. I can't remember their names, but remember that they were from Temple City. They are working on making order out of a bit of chaos.

None of this was the odd part of the day.

Nope the odd part was the train ride home. With Spiderman. That's right, Spiderman.
There must be some explanation why this fellow was in complete Spidey costume, mask and all, riding on the train.
I will never know since he looked at no one, said nothing, and got off the train in Highland Park.

Now that was odd.

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