Friday, April 9, 2010

Six Sticks, Seis Palos

Villa Parke continues to be intriguing. It really is like unraveling a ball of yarn. Go down one corridor and you find danzantes, go in the other direction and you find Seniors in their art classes, continue beyond the gym and you find the boxing ring, and go through the double doors and enter the world of Headstart. The art below welcomed all who went through that door.
I'm not familiar withe book 6 Sticks by Molly Coxe. So I don't how much of what was on the wall was based on the book and how much was created by the young one page authors.

But upon closer inspection ...

I saw that Diana had used 6 sticks to make her version of Hayong's name.

And that there is always a clown in every group.

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