Sunday, April 4, 2010

My plan had been to write on Friday. I knew I was going to a Family Celebration on Saturday and that I wouldn't write on that day. Well the plan was 50% correct and the Celebration was 100% fun.
The Celebration included two women who are my sisters in all ways, save the lack of a biological tie.

My Comadre Sylvia and I have been goofing around since 1967 or so. You do the math. Comadre Hilda and I have been chuckling and cooking for only two decades. Our families can be found in wedding, baptism, quinceañera, and post-funeral gathering pictures.

Yesterday we feasted on ham, lamb, potato salad, artichokes and much more, especially chocolate. And a really curious drink that had hibiscus flower in Proseco. Yum.

Today I saw this image and was reminded of the many ways that people have spent time with each other around the world. The article below remarks on how important corn, rice and wheat have been as crops. What has been as valuable and, perhaps has been more nurturing, has been the time that is shared in frivolity and love with friends and family.

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