Saturday, April 17, 2010

The post I share usually relates to what I've done during the day. I didn't have time to post yesterday since I was eyeball deep in paperwork for our Latino Heritage board retreat. Might have put a computer screen up as the image, but didn't have a good one.
These pictures do a much better job to share why I didn't post.

A group of us started what was then known as the Latino History parade for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which being an interest in sharing a living history experience with community members. It used to take place at Washington Park - now it takes place at La Pintoresca.

The themes and the focus for the event has varied from year to year. One year two committee members got married at our event. Margarita Montelongo and Hector Sanchez were married in the fashion/style of the Californios. Complete with horsedrawn carriage and 19th century dress and a thousand pieces of cake - one for every attendee.

A core idea to our efforts has to incorporate education, pageantry, and fun in the planning and presenting the event. This certainly was one of our more memorable jamaicas.

This student from Madison Elementary, pushing her student-sized, shopping cart based float of a covered wagon is a great example of what we see in the parade.

Now I need to get back to pushing papers so our retreat will be productive and we can continue to promote and support educational opportunities that are fun and unique. And that can be shared by all.


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  2. I have no idea why the middle section appears in larger font and is underlined. I've tried to revise but had no luck.

  3. Gotta like living histories. As for the Blogger program -- its the paragraph spacing that drives me nuts. On the plus side, you've figured out how to do the little photos and text!

  4. Very true about living history and about the images. And so true about the paragraph spacing. I just wish I could present the text so that the reader didn't have to adjust to the changing view. Ah well, it's about the thoughts, que no?