Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last looks

Yesterday was the last night for Ugly Betty so I was pinned to the TV. I had to see how it would end. It will now go into syndication and who knows what will be chopped out of the show.

Would she stay at Mode? Would she stay at home with her Papi? Would she finally be with Daniel?
2 of the 3 questions were answered. Along with some bittersweet moments and some good chuckles, too. I'll miss seeing the show.

Urban legend has it that the house pictured here is the residence of the owners of La Estrella restaurants. They sell some of the best tacos in town. There are stars on the house, the fence posts and the vertical segments of the fence itself. That, I suspect, is the big hint.
Walking, instead of driving, you can the work that has been done on the house. Another, grander expression of creativity.
What you also see if you look behind the roses is a variety of statuary that I found surprising. Don't you wonder what the UPS worker shared over dinner the first day they made a delivery here?


  1. The ballplayer mural is on the south side of Parke, the house pictured above is a bit to the west on the north side of Parke near Garfield. If you go around lunchtime, visit La Estrella on Garfield and Orange Grove. Enjoy!