Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two days and counting

Tomorrow and Thursday are my last days working for the Census - helping people at Villa Parke. I have enjoyed my stay more than I thought I would. Folks have been delightful and the diversity of the art and culture in the neighborhood has been much more varied than I imagined. Tuesdays have provided me with an opportunity to walk to lunch and then go for a walk during my lunch hour.
I'd seen the ballplayer as part of a mural north of the soccer fields. At La Villa we have Aztec/Mexica repped by Quetzalcoatl and the glyphs behind this ballplayer remind me of Mayan glyphs. Very culturally connected since it is in an area of town that is not only predominantly Latino and the artwork contributes to retaining cultural memory.
And then there are the surprises.

I had to chuckle when I saw "Little house on the big house". As I walked closer it became clear that, for some reason or the other, someone felt it was vital or funny to add a roof to cover the air conditioner.

And I'm not quite sure what I think about Mary and Joseph in the window, but there they were.

It's a joy to see neighbors being creative and expressing a bit of individual character.


  1. It's a great neighborhood. I'm glad you've had fun being there/here.

  2. It is such a fine "walking about" neighborhood. I'll miss spending hours in the area when I revert to working from home.